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I help health coaches fill their coaching programs!


Even if you have a little list or NO list at all!


Have you launched a coaching program and no one signed up?


Have you spent too much time and MONEY trying to build your business, AND you still don’t know where your next client is coming from?


I hear you! And boy do I understand.


Imagine making a bigger impact with your clients while also boosting your sales.


The simple truth is:

  • You have to be strategic with a launch and stop throwing spaghetti against the wall see to what works. 
  • You have to know how to position what you are selling so it gets sold.


It's time to say NO to:

  • Struggle
  • Fear
  • And confusion


And say YES to:

  • Running your business with confidence
  • Launching programs that you know will sell out
  • Creating the income and impact that you know that you were meant to have.


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Hi I’m Jan Messersmith

The Little List Launcher

I help health coaches launch and fill their coaching programs even if they have a small list.


My superpower is helping you to design, launch and ENROLL ideal  clients into your high impact coaching programs.


I work with you to build your business foundations that allow you to scale your business. We do this through a unique combination of inner game mastery, business performance coaching and accountability.


Durning my 30 plus years experience in business, I've been an accountant, executive chef, mindset coach and massage therapist and now a business performance coach.  So I know a thing or two about running successful businesses!


Now I want to help you create a thriving health coaching business from the inside out.


If you are ready to launch a coaching program and you don't have a big list or  any list at all, then let's talk.


Jan’s multi-modal approach to business coaching integrates her intuitive gifts right along side solid business practices. Within a few weeks of working with Jan, I had clarity on how I was designed to create, and confirmation regarding my strengths as a communicator. I felt a fog of uncertainty lift, and Jan helped me to strategize tangible actions. I knew I had made the first big breakthrough when I got 3 clients, 4 projects, and multiple prospects within 48 hours! Because of working with Jan, I have discovered my  Purpose, and am making a business doing it!


Valerie Branch

Radio Host and Producer

I really appreciate and love your work! It was extremely helpful in assisting me to focus and motivated to take action. Your work is amazing! Seeing "me" for who I am and how I work in the world is so important and encouraging. The mix of inner work and practical is outrageously the best! It got right to the point of some of the patterns that I needed to change. I booked 6 more clients immediately after we talked. I am now putting my work out there like never before. I really appreciate it. My business will continue to get better and busier.

MIshy Silva

Rosen Bodyworker/Massage Therapist

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